Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Brokerage Event?
A Brokerage Event is a matchmaking event where participants meet and greet at high speed. Bilateral meetings take about 20-30 minutes, which is usually enough to forge business/research/technological connections. Then the bell rings and the next meeting starts.

2. How does the matchmaking work?
Each participant registers with a cooperation profile which will be displayed at the event website. Each participant can select meetings online with other participants. A few days before the event, each participant will receive a meeting schedule, showing WHO he will meet WHEN and WHERE.

3. Who is the target participant?
The potential participants for this events are SMEs, technology centers, universities, entrepreneurs, and others that are working in the sectors (and related sectors) of the fair where the event is held at. The participant of the Brokerage Event it also has to be the person responsible of the inserted profile.

4. How can I register to the event?
Please go to
http://construmatbrokerageevent2015.talkb2b.net/ and click on Register. Please fill in the registration form, participants should indicate their contact details (especially e-mail and mobile phone number) to be directly informed about registration, agendas, changes in the event set-up. Do not forget to fill the cooperation profile!

5. What type of information do I need to fill in the Cooperation profile?
Properly fill in the cooperation profile and give details on e.g. technology/product/project, innovative aspects, current stage of development and the target partner sought. The cooperation profile is your virtual business card - the higher the quality, the more participants will select you for bilateral meetings!!!

6. Can I insert more than one Cooperation Profile?
Yes, you can. Every participant has the possibility to insert several profiles.

7. Can I modify a profile?
Yes, you can modify your profile anytime you need by login into your account and clicking on "Edit my profile".

8. When will my cooperation profile be visible online?

Every profile will have a quality check by the event organizer. If it meets the quality criteria it will be visible online, if not, you will be contacted by the event organizer to adapt your profile.

9. What is the meaning of "Support Office"?
"Support Office" is related to the region where you are geographically based. If your region does not have a local support office, please select "Other". Although you do not have support office our staff will be at your disposal for any doubts/assistance.

10. How can I select meetings?
As soon as the Booking is open, you will be informed by mail about how to select meetings. Please login to your account and check the different profiles available. On each profile you can click on "Book meeting" and then the participant wil be able to accept or reject your request. If a participant asks you for a meeting you will receive automatically an e-mail where you can decide if you want to accept it or not. If you don't want to have this meetings just click on the link to reject the meeting.

BEWARE! Please remember that those meetings that are "Pending" will not be scheduled in your agenda, it is necessary to "Accept" the meetings first.

11. When will I get my personal meeting schedule?
You will receive your final meeting schedule about a week before the event.

12. What if, due to unforeseen reasons, I cannot attend the Brokerage Event?
Please inform the event organiser immediately. If you have booked meetings/you have been booked for meetings, please get directly in contact with your meeting partners throught the platform and tell them that you cannot keep the appointment.




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