Belcea Construct

Belcea Construct

Bilateral Meetings

  • 21.05.2015 Thursday (12:05 pm - 02:10 pm)

General Contractor offering the following services:
* Project management
* Coordination on site for civil and roads
* Tracking execution by technical managers responsible for construction companies
* Control, assurance and quality management
* Technical checking of projects
* Architectural and design
* Pre-feasibility and / or feasibility Building
* Preparation of specifications
* Technical documentation for tenders, estimates, work situations
* Cadastral and cartography

- Infrastructure projects
- architectural projects
- projects of resistance
- surveying, surveying, geotechnical studies
- technical and economic consultancy
- technical expertise
- pre-feasibility studies
- feasibility studies
- obtaining zoning permits
- preparing documentation for the required permits and agreements in Urbanism and obtaining their certificate
- PUZ and PUD development studies
- preparing for the project. Authorization Demolition / Construction
- obtaining construction permits
- schedule, drawing, specifications, estimate costs
- specialized checks

- Residential buildings (residential, buildings, houses)
- buildings using accommodation (hotels, hostels)
- the office (headquarters offices, supermarkets, showrooms, representative firms, banks)
- retail (retail space)
- headquarters institutions
- roads
- bridges
- platforms and walkways

Country: Romania

Organization Type: Company

Areas of Activities

Construction engineering



    Looking for manpower and engineering projectes

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    1. Outsourcing co-operation
    2. Technical co-operation
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    Cooperation Requested
    1. Outsourcing co-operation
    2. Technical co-operation
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